C-I THRIVE:  A Community Plan for You

Welcome to Crafton-Ingram Thrive!

C-I Thrive is a community planning project that began in fall 2015. Collaborators working on the project include Crafton Borough officials, Ingram Borough officials, Pashek Associates as consultants to the boroughs, a Steering Committee of community members, and–most importantly–you!

On this site, you can learn about C-I Thrive, stay updated on what’s happening, and take action with us to help our neighborhoods improve and grow.

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After working together to gather public input in the fall of 2015, C-I Thrive has focused on four key working areas:

  • Walkability & Connectivity
  • Commercial Development
  • Property Maintenance & Code Enforcement
  • Communication

To read more about the key working areas, click here.

Our Vision  

Crafton and Ingram both want to enhance our boroughs’ small-town feel while propelling the two communities forward. Working together, we can build on the strengths in our communities while making some improvements. We will plan for Crafton and Ingram to each retain their friendly, small-town identities and character, and begin growing in new ways.

What You Can Do Here

Besides exploring the key working areas and other information on this site, you can easily participate!

  • Leave a comment at the bottom of this page, or at the bottom of any of the four pages that the key working areas.
  • Under the “Get Involved” tab, you can also fill out the “I’d Like To…” form, which helps you send a comment to our working team, ask a question, or join the team in planning or running upcoming events and projects.
  • Reach out to us via the “Contact” page.
  • Talk about C-I Thrive with your friends, family, and other community members! Let’s all spread the word.

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