Crafton and Ingram officials worked together to obtain funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and Allegheny County. After a consultant selection process, the two boroughs voted to hire Pashek Associates, a local design and planning firm that leads the field in Implementable Planning. Planners from Pashek and the two boroughs helped form the Steering Committee, which is made up of residents and active members of the Ingram and Crafton communities, and meets regularly to discuss steps in the planning process. Many community members have also contributed by sharing ideas and participating in public meetings, interviews, and key issues discussions.



Pashek Associates planners, along with the boroughs of Crafton and Ingram, are developing an Implementable Comprehensive Plan for the two boroughs. This plan will act as a roadmap for both communities, acknowledging them as separate municipalities with many shared qualities and connections.

Detailed recommendations and potential initiatives will likely be included in the plan, and will range in topic from sidewalks to storefronts to community engagement and communication. Depending on decisions reached by the Steering Committee, the final product of the plan may be a booklet, a website, or a series of events and action items for Crafton and Ingram to use as momentum to move forward with improving their communities.

As part of this particular planning process, we’ve determined that communication (through and between the two boroughs) is essential to the development and forward motion of the plan. We’ve created this website to showcase the plan as we continue to build it, and get you involved in the process. For the rest of 2016, we’ll be initiating events and outreach to gather interest and support so that you, the residents in Crafton and Ingram, can work towards positive growth for your communities.

The planning project is named C-I Thrive because it’ll help Ingram and Crafton to not only remain friendly and healthy, but also bloom and flourish in new ways. After collecting a lot of ideas in public meetings and from the Steering Committee, we’ve focused C-I Thrive on four key working areas:

  • Walkability and Connectivity
  • Commercial Development
  • Property Maintenance and Code Enforcement
  • Communication

We’ll use these key working areas to guide our continued work on creating a plan.


The boroughs of Ingram and Crafton obtained funding for the project in fall 2015, and Pashek Associates began working with borough officials shortly afterwards. Planners from Pashek facilitated public meetings in October and November, and the Steering Committee formed just before the public meetings got underway. In the spring and summer of 2016, we’ll hold community events and gather momentum, culminating with the final product of the plan in the late fall.


Crafton, PA (incorporated in 1892) and Ingram, PA (incorporated in 1902) are boroughs located just west of Pittsburgh, PA. They have a combined population of about 9,500. Both communities grew as middle-class suburbs where people could live and commute easily to Pittsburgh by rail or streetcar. The neighborhoods of Crafton and Ingram are walkable and neighborly, and still have a distinct small-town quality. The boroughs have local schools, churches, businesses, volunteer organizations, and direct access to the busway.



Municipalities engage in long-term comprehensive planning like this because they want to figure out how to make well-informed choices that will promote positive change for their residents in the coming years. This may mean wanting to initiate new development, look at and revise old policies, push forward projects that are difficult to implement, or address social issues. Planning involves understanding a place, looking ahead, and laying out solid ideas of what local governments and organizations can do next.

For C-I Thrive, the goal is to make improvements (and plans for improvements) in the four key working areas we’ve identified. Read more about these here.