Creating the Plan

The Implementable Comprehensive Plan

Traditionally, comprehensive planning has consisted of planners entering a community, doing a lot of research, writing a plan that follows a specific structure, and then concluding their job. Often, that process produces a big binder of recommendations that sits on the shelf, and the municipality never manages to use it, or doesn’t have the resources to begin any of the projects suggested by it.

The Implementable Comprehensive Plan focuses not only on producing a plan, but building capacity to implement its parts and beginning to see implementation occur before planners conclude their partnership with a community. This means engaging the public in planning, developing specific recommendations, figuring out how exactly they can be carried out, and sticking around to help get things started.

The strategies you can see Pashek Associates engaging in with Crafton and Ingram line up clearly with implementable comprehensive planning:  holding public meetings, remaining flexible to new ideas and planning outcomes, and supporting action on some items. To read more about implementable comprehensive planning, check out this article and this presentation.

Why C-I Thrive is Special

C-I Thrive is being created not just by planners, but by all kinds of people in Crafton and Ingram who care about the future of their boroughs. This is a community plan for you; it’s a community project; anyone can get involved and help make an impact. The topics on the plan were not pre-determined, but discovered after focused information-gathering on what topics would be best for Crafton and Ingram. The final product will be completely unique to this process and the needs of Ingram and Crafton.