The Overview:  What’s on the Schedule?


The Breakdown:  Month-by-Month


Throughout the month of April, Steering Committee members and other folks in Ingram and Crafton will spread the word about C-I Thrive, giving short talks about the community planning project and working to build energy around our initiatives.


On May 14th, we’ll hold walking tours that we’ll work with residents from Crafton and Ingram to plan. This’ll be an event that anybody can attend, where we take a stroll through the community and talk about how our key working areas affect the way we experience our neighborhoods-and what we work to change together.

Click here for more details about this event!


On June 18th, we’re planning to set up a booth at the Crafton-Ingram shopping center where we have information and activities related to C-I Thrive, to keep gathering input and interest in the project. Then, on June 30th, Crafton Celebrates begins, and we’ll set up another booth there to join in the fun.


Through July 4, we’ll be participating in Crafton Celebrates. Then, on July 16 and 17, we hope to be part of Ingram Days, too! More details to come on our booth events!


Throughout August, and moving forward into the remainder of 2016, we will bring together all the work we’ve done. During all these months, planners and designers from Pashek Associates will have been developing recommendations for the key working areas of the plan, and keeping in touch with all the community activity going on. After our events and outreach, we’ll begin polishing the comprehensive plan’s final product! This process of completion and adoption will likely carry on through the autumn.

What can you do?

Attend our events! Check back here for more details as we make more specific plans! To get involved in planning events, contact us. We’d love to see you at any of our upcoming activities, as a volunteer or attendee. Also, talk about this community planning project with your neighbors, your friends, and your family! Think about how you can help your borough take real steps to help your community thrive. Learn more about our key working areas and get ready to support initiatives moving forward. We’re excited to work together with you!