Outreach Materials

Why Put Outreach Materials Online?

We’ve already done a lot of community planning work as part of C-I Thrive. Now, it’s time to start building momentum to make change. That starts with you! Community members in Ingram and Crafton need to get involved, ask questions, encourage our officials to take steps, and keep talking about what’s important and what could be better in our communities.

In order to build more momentum, we’ve been spreading the word about C-I Thrive and the key working areas we’ve identified. You can check out some helpful materials here.

Flyer, PowerPoint Presentation, and Sign-In Sheet

Below you’ll find links to the materials we’re distributing as part of our community outreach about C-I Thrive. The flier is printable, and summarizes the process, goals, and plans for C-I Thrive. The PowerPoint presentation goes into more depth, and can be used to give a quick talk about C-I Thrive. The sign-in sheet is useful for folks giving a talk in a group, so that it’s easy to see who was there and collect contact information for anyone who’s interested in getting more involved.

Crafton Ingram toolkit flier

Crafton Ingram toolkit presentation

Crafton Ingram Sign In Mailing List Volunteer