Key Working Areas

In this section, you can: 

Explore C-I Thrive’s four key working areas.


Commercial Development

Property Maintenance & Code Enforcement 



How did we reach these topics?

  • We held public meetings.
  • We conducted community stakeholder interviews.
  • We gathered feedback from the Steering Committee.
  • We consolidated all that information together and figured out the common threads.

After focusing in on the key areas, what do we do next?

  • Spread the word! You can find outreach materials here.
  • Encourage more community input and buy-in; this means building understanding of the key working areas and support for the initiatives that can make things better.
  • Develop recommendations (Pashek Associates and the Steering Committee will work on this).
  • Create an implementable plan (Pashek Associates will work on this).
  • Get things started–this part is up to you! By the time there’s a final plan product, there should also be a lot of energy surrounding it in Crafton and Ingram. With citizen participation, we will have enough momentum and human-power to tackle next steps and begin to produce change.