Commercial Development


What is Commercial Development?

Enhancing commercial development means figuring out how to provide public infrastructure and public/private partnerships to improve on the quality of a site or business district. This might mean making streetscape improvements, a facade renovation program or other investment partnership, IMG_5786 (1)working to attract small businesses, or help existing businesses flourish. Commercial development can be difficult to implement because it involves both private and public interests, and all parties have to work to build strong collaborative relationships.


In Crafton and Ingram

We’ve figured out that a lot of folks in Crafton and Ingram would like to see the Crafton-Ingram Shopping Plaza updated and improved. We’ve also looked at the older commercial districts around here. There’s opportunity in all of these spaces.

What’s Next?

We’re working to explore options for the shopping center. We’ll also be developing recommendations that may include ideas for incentivizing facade renovations, dealing with old and run-down storefronts or vacant commercial properties, and making way for new businesses to open up. As we move through the next months of community engagement and input-gathering, we’ll work together to make sure that the plans we lay out fit what Crafton and Ingram want.



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