What is Communication?IMG_0343.JPG

Communication refers to two-way access to public information. This includes news about events and activities, as well as interesting updates, tips and ideas. This information flows between borough governments and residents as well as community groups and residents.

In Crafton and Ingram

The two boroughs value citizen interest and engagement; public officials work to provide timely and accurate information, and invite public participation. Officials, residents, and business owners can all expand or enhance communication in ways that make sense and are achievable (given time limits and available resources).

Here are a few areas where new ideas could be tried:

  • Working to open more effective communication between community members and borough councils, as residents seek more types of information via more distribution channels.
  • Providing more online and social media presence for local government and community groups–highlighting events, meetings, and things to do.
  • Creating a warmer welcome for citizens at public meetings of elected or appointed officials.

What’s Next?

Community members, borough officials, and members of the Steering Committee and the consulting team will work to make a game plan for addressing these ideas and opportunities. This website is the first step in developing some new avenues for communicating, using the C-I Thrive plan as a pilot project.




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