Property Maintenance and Code Enforcement

What are Property Maintenance and Code Enforcement?

Property maintenance is simply how well our local properties are maintained by owners and residents–whether they’re functional and structurally sound, and whether or not they’re kept up with attention to appearance.  Code enforcement refers to how a municipality makes and upholds their standards for property maintenance through ordinances, inspections, and citation systems.


In Crafton and Ingram

Both boroughs contain many beautiful old houses, and other homes built at various times. In conversations with community members, property maintenance surfaced as common concern.

What’s Next?

We will take a look at why some folks have trouble keeping their properties up to date–do older residents need some assistance? How do absentee landlords impact appearance and safety? Could some encouraging incentives be put into place? We’ll also be working to understand current code enforcement practices, and see if recommendations could be made to make them more effective.



One thought on “Property Maintenance and Code Enforcement

  1. Judy DiGiacomo says:

    I am very happy to see this has become a priority! I have often wondered why the existing codes are not enforced. If we want our neighborhoods to thrive and improve property maintenance is of the utmost importance.
    An anti litter campaign would also be helpful. The borough could probably make a lot of money on fines from littering.


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